In order to achieve the success of UNUSA’s internal internationalization, UNUSA’s international affairs office by the name of GENUS invites the participation of all members of the UNUSA academic community to take part in the sustainability of these achievements. Not only the international affairs office team but also the role of the lecturers, and of course there is the role of the students as well. For the role taken by the lecturers we call him “faculty ambassador”, while for the role taken by students who participate in the internationalization of the campus we call it “volunteers”.

Volunteers have a large role in campus internationalization. They are at the forefront of all internationalization activities for the Unusa academic community. In volunteers divided into several divisions, there are:

1. Globalization Development
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Public Relations
4. Communication and Information

Those chosen to become volunteers are certain to be available in all programs run for UNUSA Goes Global. Without their existence, we like walking without legs.