Location: Campus B
Study program:

    1. PGSD S1
      PGSD S1 Study Program has superior services to students in the form of guidance and counseling, the development of interests and talents (extracurricular) in the form of futsal, jujitsu, arts, soft skills development and health care units (medical care). The learning process of the PGSD study program is designed to be more interactive, innovative and Islamic in character supported by adequate laboratory facilities. To improve PGSD teaching skills, FKIP UNUSA collaborates with partner institutions as stipulated in a Memorandum of Understanding. Job opportunities are quite extensive because there are many elementary schools spread throughout Indonesia.
    2. PG-PAUD S1
      The PG-PAUD S1 Study Program uses a curriculum that has been developed from the 2013 Curriculum to address the needs of early childhood education in the era of globalization. Equipping students with honing soft skills in recognizing and handling early childhood problems. Establish cooperation with PAUD institutions in facilitating students to do practical work.
    3. S1 English Education
      UNUSA’s S1 English Education Study Program has advantages in terms of curriculum by developing competency-based and conservation curriculum. This study program always follows the latest English learning model development. In terms of developing the potential of students, UNUSA facilitates the development of student scientific activities by providing opportunities for self-development both hard skills and soft skills for students to become professional English teachers and become practitioners of English in various institutions. Lectures cover all English language skills and components as well as pedagogical material and general courses in a proportional and comprehensive manner. Among the courses are Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Lexical Studies, Grammar, Pronounciation, Language Teaching Theories, Language Teaching Methods, Language Teaching and Technology, Language Testing / Assessment, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Field Experience Practices and others .


Job opportunities:

AUD Education (TPA, SPS, KB, Kindergarten)
Educators in the field of education of Children with Special Needs (ABK)
PAUD manager and founder
Child Consultant
PAUD Observer and Observer


For further information: fkip.unusa.ac.id