To be a superior and professional nursing and midwifery education institution with Islamic identity.


  1. Developing competitive nursing and midwifery education, analytical thinking, critical and innovative.
  2. Developing nursing and midwifery through research and collaborations.
  3. Apply nursing and midwifery based on evidence based.
  4. Produce human resources with the mindset, attitude, and behavior as nursing and midwifery professionals who have Islamic integrity and identity.
  5. Carry out professional management in managing institutions and based on Islamic principles.



  1. The realization of nursing and midwifery curricula that are in line with market needs
  2. Increasing the quality and relevance of nursing and midwifery learning.
  3. The resulting research in the field of nursing and midwifery of quality and national and international standard.
  4. The realization of changes in community behavior towards healthy living in order to improve the degree of health of the target community.
  5. The birth of nursing and midwifery staff who have intellectual, professional, and Islamic identity abilities
  6. The implementation of comprehensive student coaching in order to improve the nation’s competitiveness.
  7. The realization of the faculty with transparent, accountable, responsive and fair organization and governance.


Study Programs:

  1. Nursing Undergraduate Study Program
  2. Nursing Profession Study Program
  3. D3 Nursing Study Program
  4. D3 Midwifery Study Program
  5. S1 Midwifery Study Program
  6. Midwife Professional Education


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