Location: Campus B
Study program:

S1 Public Health Sciences
The S1 Public Health Study Program (S1 IKM) is managed and developed by the Nahdlatul Ulama University Surabaya (UNUSA) based on the vision of producing superior, professional public health graduates who are able to compete in the global market in Science and Technology in the field of public health with an Islamic identity. Producing competent and professional education outputs in the development of an independent Public Health Science supported by scientific ethics and morals in understanding and solving health problems is the goal of the Study Program S1 IKM UNUSA. Supported by competent and professional lecturers and adequate infrastructure, UNUSA’s S1 IKM Study Program opens as wide opportunities as possible for prospective students to become quality Bachelor of Public Health.

Profile of Unusa Public Health Sciences Graduates

M: Manager of public health services
I: An innovator in public health problem solving strategies
R: Researsher / Researcher
A: Apprentices are lifelong learning professionals
C: Communitarians who are always close and with the target groups
L: Leadership that can play a role (Role Player) leader & a good role model member
E: Educator for those who need it

Job Prospects of S1 Unusa Public Health Sciences

Managerial staff, manager of SIMKES and Medical Records in hospitals / clinics / PKM / medical centers
Civil Servants in the Office of Health, BTKL, Manpower Office, Statistics Planning Bureau
Health Research Institute
Entrepreneurship in the health sector
Epidemologists and surveillance officers
K3 workers in the company / industry
Consultant for health problems



Nutrition S1
The Nutrition S1 Study Program is one of the new study programs which has the aim of producing professional, superior and Islamic nutrition graduates. UNUSA Nutrition Bachelor graduates are expected to become competent and independent human resources in the field of Nutrition and be able to compete with nutrition workers from abroad.



D-IV Health Analyst
The Nahdlatul Ulama University in Surabaya holds a Health Analyst Diploma IV education in order to realize an applied science graduate in the field of Health Analyst, a profession that has promising job prospects and is much needed in various fields. Supported by professional and experienced teaching staff, as well as complete facilities supported by practical collaboration in various health institutions. D-IV UNUSA Health Analyst provides opportunities for high school graduates and equivalent to be educated to become professional and qualified Health Analysts.

D-IV Graduates Profile of Health Analysis:

Able to carry out laboratory testing processes (hematology, clinical chemistry, bacteriology, parasitology, serology, toxicology, virology, sitohistology and chemistry)
Able to plan processes related to tupoksi in the laboratory
Able to carry out the process of specimen preparation
Understanding laboratory service standards
Able to make scientific papers

UNUSA Health Analysis Work Prospects:

Lab. Clinical / Medical
Food and Beverage Industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical Industry
Lab. Microbiology
Public health Office


For Further Information: fkes.unusa.ac.id