Surabaya – Health and safety in the workplace are increasingly becoming very important factors. Along
with that, students' interest in occupational health and safety is getting higher.
Successfully holding a national seminar with the theme of the role and professionalism of health
workers in the world of work, the Faculty of Health, University of Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (Unusa)
held a guest lecture that discussed ergonomics.
The guest lecture invited experts from the University of Sabah Malaysia, Dr. Shamsul Bahari Shamsudin,
PhD., COSHT, CISM. With the theme "Ergonomics Risk Assessment & Working Performance of Pre-Cast
Construction Workers In Sabah (Malaysia, a public lecture was held at 3rd floor Fastron Cafe, Unusa
Tower, Campus B, Jemursari Surabaya, on Friday (12/7).
"This guest lecture opened the 2nd Surabaya International Health Conference (SIHC) which we held for 3
days and invited delegations from 8 countries. This activity is a series of Unusa's 6th anniversary, "said
Unusa Rector Prof. Achmad Jazidie in his remarks.
In the same occasion the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Unusa, Firdaus, SKep Ns MKes said this
activity was an effort to increase students' insights in the field of ergonomics who studied interactions
between humans and workplaces related to health and safety.
"The purpose of this guest lecture is to add students' insights on ergonomics and construction
performance in Malaysia. Students hope to be able to apply it in the real world of work. They are
becoming a quality and superior renewal in the global world, "she said.
This public lecture was attended by students of the S1 Public Health, Nutrition S1, D-IV Health Analyst
and D-IV Occupational Safety & Health programs.
"By inviting outside experts, we hope that students can gain knowledge and open up insights in the field
of economics from speakers who are experts in their fields. For faculties and study programs can foster a
network of cooperation with relevant practitioners in an effort to increase linkages and equivalence (link
and match). At the same time increasing the capacity and quality of education by producing students
with broad insights, "she concluded. (Unusa PR)

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